Portable, Quick to Assemble Consultation Rooms

Having worked through preliminary cost estimates with building project and facility managers, our findings indicate acoustic pod costs are on par with building an internal room into an existing building allowing for equivalent finishes such as acoustic wall panelling, lighting, ventilation etc that the pods include. This along with not requiring a Building Consent and a lack of construction disturbances in a busy clinic ensures a painless addition of extra working space. 

The pods’ small footprint means every inch of available space would be well utilised. They can be easily assembled in a few short hours, without the need for building permits or a redesign of the entire floor space. 

Another key reason to consider an acoustic pod is portability. Booths can be easily relocated to meet the changing needs of a clinic. So if you suddenly find a particular area that needs an additional consultation room and another doesn’t, relocating it is easy. 


Being able to have a private conversation with a patient who may not need a full clinical room can be addressed by the addition of a consultation-friendly pod. Larger pods provide enough room for whanau as support for the patient, and when pods are equipped with a video conferencing solution a third party (such as a specialist) can be phoned in from the convenience of the patient’s local clinic. 

Other concepts include utilising pods as immunisation rooms, as they are large enough to fit a nurse plus the patient and their family – ensuring a comfortable space for all without tying up a clinical room. The addition of frosted glass ensures basic privacy needs are met.

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