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Hushpods deliver innovative healthcare facilities to foster good health and wellbeing

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Higher healthcare demands follow from the impacts of COVID and growing populations. This has led organisations to search for flexible and efficient ways to add capacity for healthcare delivery. Trends show that healthcare-related organisations and employers are seeking out new ways to incorporate wellbeing facilities into the workplace, to encourage both mental and physical health after a particularly stressful year.

For any organisation looking to provide a place to have discussions around wellbeing, privacy is a paramount concern. In existing office spaces, many small meeting rooms have not been designed with soundproofing in mind and conversations carry outside of the room. This leads to a feeling of discomfort – is someone outside hearing my conversation? Do I need to be wary of what I am sharing here?

To address this concern, acoustic pods can add value by creating a ‘space within a space’, give users confidence that their conversations remain confidential between themselves and their healthcare clinician.

Easy to implement discussion spaces

What can you do when you need an extra space, fast?

Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga (TToH) is a Kaupapa Maori organisation working with whānau to support their wellbeing in the Heretaunga area.

TToH identified a need to have a space for confidential conversations in their newly developed Service Hiwa I Te Rangi. They selected the 4-person HushMeet booth, which is now installed at their Orchard Road Building.

“We chose the HushMeet to address TToH’s immediate need for an additional meeting space,” said Martin Cornes from Office Interiors, the regional accredited Hushoffice supplier. “Everything is built-in inside the pod. It includes lights, fans for airflow, power ports, sofas, and a table – the assembly from start to finish took just half a day, and the space is ready for our customer to use immediately”.

The Meet pod is large enough for group conversations which is central to the whanau-oriented approach TToH provides. “We’re pleased to immediately see the positive outcomes provided by the Hushpod,” Martin explains. “Even in a shared area, discussions going on inside the pod are completely confidential”.

There is increased interest from the wider healthcare sector and specifically mental health organisations, that are looking to include a private and comfortable place to converse in their offices in their future planning.

For organisations interested in exploring this further, you can learn more about the Hushoffice acoustic pods in healthcare here or get in touch with us today to help with meeting your specific requirements.

For more information and quotes based on your exact needs and requirements, please get in touch with us here.

Alternatively, email your enquiry to or to speak to someone, call on 0800 735 867 nationwide.

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