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Safety First - a space for work with Hushpods

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Life may be comparatively normal in New Zealand when we are not in another lockdown, however COVID is here to stay - even as we wait for the vaccines - with the frequent emergence of new virus strains and community transmission an ongoing risk.

A safe place to work and video conferencing.

For business owners and office workers, people are re-evaluating what they expect from their workplace as they return to the office, and they are verifying their use of office spaces more closely. The hot topic is ‘safety first’ – maintaining a high standard of workplace hygiene to keep workers safe should be one of the top considerations by any organisation.

Seeing a gap in the acoustic pod market to address the ‘safety’ issue, Hushpod vendor Mikomax have introduced the "safe space” nano-coating solution, making Hushoffice the only acoustic pod brand in NZ that keeps harmful microbes at bay, inside the pods. The light-activated nano-coating can minimise the risk of pod users contracting illness from pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi.

All surfaces in Hushoffice booths that are often touched can be applied with a thin, nano-photocatalyst coating that counteracts the development of viruses and microbes. Under the influence of light, both natural and artificial, the coating automatically disinfects the treated surface. This disinfecting process is continuous and lasts no less than 12 months from when the coating is applied.

This is particularly relevant to pod use environments and applications where there are increased probability of cross-contanimation, and where users may be more vulnerable to infection and illness. Think healthcare, aged care, a busy shared workspaces, libraries, schools, community centres and more.

The ‘safe space’ solution is available on all Hushoffice booth models.

For all orders placed by the end of April 2021, we can offer the ‘safe space‘ add-on, free of charge. Please enquire with us here.

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